Dog Grooming SIPS Building

A SIPS Building kit project undertaken for a clients dog grooming room that was up and ready for use after 7 days!

Day 2

The SIPS building kit structure is up and water tight, minus a couple of windows!?

Day 3

SIPS building Plasterboarded and the majority of the cladding is on. Taking shape nicely!

Day 4

SIPS building cladded, windows and doors installed and roof on

Day 5

SIPS building plastered and ready for decorating

Day 7

After a busy weekend, they’re in!

Painted, floors down, furniture in, toilets and sinks in…now all they’ve got to do it make themselves at home

If you are looking to add new space to your home, whether that’s a garden room (that happens to double as a bar), an office, a work out space, a dog groom room (the sky really is the limit)…we’d love to hear from you. We can design and create any space to suit your needs, wherever you need them.