Arkem Leisure Bespoke Amenity Blocks Portable no planning permission


From dog grooming and farm shops, to portable showrooms and home salons, the uses for bespoke amenity blocks are endless

We know that every business has different needs, which is why we create bespoke amenity blocks; so that every inch can be tailored to suit you.
Prefabricated and portable blocks mean you can continue to work while we get your new space ready, and ready to go on delivery means you won’t have to stop for a second!
We’ve provided amenity blocks for a wide range of uses so far and the possibilities are endless; dog grooming, animal stables, portable showroom, home salon, garden music room, farm shop building, tourist information … you name it.

Commercial spaces need to keep you working efficiently with little hassle, but also look good for your customers.
With the option of leaving our blocks on a portable chasis you often don’t require costly planning permission. This also means if your commercial location has to change you can take them with you; saving you both time and money, and getting a great return on your investment.

Check out our gallery page to find some inspiration for your bespoke block, and get in touch for a free quote.

Arkem Leisure Bespoke Amenity Block


All of our amenity blocks are totally bespoke – making each on as unique as your business. With a wide range of finishes to choose from, we can make your new space perfectly functional and beautiful at the same time. Whether you need wall lapped safety flooring and welded seams Polyclad walling for hygiene and cleaning purposes, or a cosy home feeling with painted shiplap cladding – we’ve got the right material for the job.

The choice is yours on all internal and external finishes including flooring, wall finishes, lighting, external cladding, windows and doors and even your guttering. We will provide your new amenity block as furnsihed or unfurnished; whatever works best for you!

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